Monday, October 4, 2010


It was the time of the silence
Which had engulfed the freedom of my words
There was nothing I could change
Nothing in the world could make me feel better
Tried everything in my power, all in vain
Over and over again in my mind
Had I played the song without the rhyme?
It wasnt' the rhyme, wernt' the lyrics either
Something else had to  bring it to life
Lying there in front of me; a lifeless matter
Dead to the world, spoke to me as the answer
In the midst of the chaos it made the rendezvous
And then it was all crystal, no worries no dilemma
Only thing left to do now; I finally made my stand
Now holding the key in my hand and the strength to fight
Singing the song with a cry from the heart
I had to make the world listen
Listen to the words that were to follow
I'm longing for freedom
I've become a despicable soul
chained in my world..imprisoned in this fate


In the midst of a dream
I could feel the wind
Running scared through the darkness
I could almost see the sun
Drowning in the waters
Slipping off the edge
Waiting here forever
Would it be so easy to pretend 


Standing on the highway
Confused, lost and shattered
Trying to find my way
Out of the darkness into the emptiness
Thinking of a new beginning
Only if I can get my thoughts together
All it needed was a push
Had lost hope in getting what I wanted
Everything seemed so intense
Then there was a morning
Leaving all the despair into ashes
Turned out to be the evolution
Of a new mind freed from the chains of darkness


Took me a lifetime to understand
What should have been an instant
Came to my senses when I had missed the chance
Nothing could be done to make it go away
It was bound to happen, I had that notion
The time was not the same
Then it all started to change
When I started to give it a thought
People started to doubt and laugh


It was unlike other mornings
The first time I walk'd down that road
All I could think of was the rain
When it start'd to rain
All I could think was to take a shelter
When I ran to take a shelter
Suddenly it felt good to be in the rain
When I start'd to enjoy the rain
There was darkness
There was something scary in that darkness
Soon I was no more scar'd
Then it was a new beginning and a new life
And there were no more thoughts
Everything was silent and no fear
Every face lost the smile replaced by a tear....


Running away from the light
Making a way into the darkness
Trying to reach out to the ones
Who don't even seem to care
Looking back when there was no one inside
It all came down crashing
Eventually had to face the reality
Every face fades away into the emptiness
And all ends like a dream
Pretending that nothing changes
There's always something left behind
Hard ways, hard choices and yet
 A single destination to reach
They call it the grave
 I give it the name, Evolution

The Meaning.

I took the long road
Knowing that I had no reason
There was a voice that kept asking
Where is it that you are going
I had no reply
But I knew it wasn't without any meaning
Smile on my face even after the shoes were torn
Heat was on, wind blowing hot
Not a single drop of water
I had faith, I knew I wasn't dreaming
Every drop of blood was the proof
Ground seemed shaking
Although it wasn't the ground
I knew it wasn't the end
When I had fallen
With those who were already falling
Then I realized something
I had found the meaning

O My Sweet Slumber.

O my sweet slumber where 've u been gone
All the time u were around,
I could feel myself off the ground
Changed has the time since then,
Now I'm restless and I'm stoned
Eyes burning, mind out of control
Hasnt' been a moment ever since
When I 'vent tried to turn around
Looks like a night feels like a fire
Burning all the pages spilling the colors
Night's almost over fire's still burning
Time's running out, no one to see
No one to help, nothing to work on
Eyes still open, mind's all gone blank
Wandering in the shadows
Trying to find smething full of meaning
More than anything, all that's missing
Is only a moment in the silence
No worries, nothing to think about
I'm still tryin, that's what I do
And yet the same feeling

Victim Of The Game.

All through the night I was wondering
Why does someone believe in fate
When I woke up one morning
In midst of clouds and eager darkness
Followed by the emptiness
Which got me thinking back through the time again
When I was a child
Never cared for a dime
Believed in my life, singing every rhyme
Then came a phase killing the child
Charging like an angry bull
Running hungry in the wild
People started talking, cursing, giving names
Why did it matter and why did they care
Everything all around wanted me to change
I stood at the point where I was to blame
There was no turning there was just pain
I woke up again deciding to change
And Before I could start over again
Time had already played the game


I walked the long road
One thing running through my mind
When would the destination come
In the midst of the journey
Something caught the interest of my eye
Seemed like a mirage
I went closer, couldn't believe what I saw
Beauty, Comfort, and all sorts f pleasure
All the joy one could dream of
Then there was the pain
An unbearable sting I couldn't resist
Strong enough to make even the warriors cry
Accompanying the pain was a smile
In the ticks of the clock
I couldn't realize till the end
No one did, who would've thought
That was the face of temptation
Under the covers of deception