Monday, October 4, 2010


Standing on the highway
Confused, lost and shattered
Trying to find my way
Out of the darkness into the emptiness
Thinking of a new beginning
Only if I can get my thoughts together
All it needed was a push
Had lost hope in getting what I wanted
Everything seemed so intense
Then there was a morning
Leaving all the despair into ashes
Turned out to be the evolution
Of a new mind freed from the chains of darkness


  1. First things u mind this new follower fan of urs requesting u to delete word verification??

    ok to ur poetry...I sighed a breath of relief when I saw a light of optimism glimmer at the end...I dreaded ( how the end wud be) the way u wanted to go from darkness to is indeed fascinating...isn't it? with it's roller coaster rides?

  2. this coming year and end of this year must bring a new begining...