Monday, October 4, 2010


It was unlike other mornings
The first time I walk'd down that road
All I could think of was the rain
When it start'd to rain
All I could think was to take a shelter
When I ran to take a shelter
Suddenly it felt good to be in the rain
When I start'd to enjoy the rain
There was darkness
There was something scary in that darkness
Soon I was no more scar'd
Then it was a new beginning and a new life
And there were no more thoughts
Everything was silent and no fear
Every face lost the smile replaced by a tear....


  1. Sad portray the confusions of ur mind, of darkness, of helplessness, losing before gaining very well...I wonder how morose u were at the time when this one was written..?

  2. u were not sad u mean to say? but bored?:O...:P how extreme did ur words make me feel:P!!