Monday, October 4, 2010


It was the time of the silence
Which had engulfed the freedom of my words
There was nothing I could change
Nothing in the world could make me feel better
Tried everything in my power, all in vain
Over and over again in my mind
Had I played the song without the rhyme?
It wasnt' the rhyme, wernt' the lyrics either
Something else had to  bring it to life
Lying there in front of me; a lifeless matter
Dead to the world, spoke to me as the answer
In the midst of the chaos it made the rendezvous
And then it was all crystal, no worries no dilemma
Only thing left to do now; I finally made my stand
Now holding the key in my hand and the strength to fight
Singing the song with a cry from the heart
I had to make the world listen
Listen to the words that were to follow
I'm longing for freedom
I've become a despicable soul
chained in my world..imprisoned in this fate

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