Monday, October 4, 2010

O My Sweet Slumber.

O my sweet slumber where 've u been gone
All the time u were around,
I could feel myself off the ground
Changed has the time since then,
Now I'm restless and I'm stoned
Eyes burning, mind out of control
Hasnt' been a moment ever since
When I 'vent tried to turn around
Looks like a night feels like a fire
Burning all the pages spilling the colors
Night's almost over fire's still burning
Time's running out, no one to see
No one to help, nothing to work on
Eyes still open, mind's all gone blank
Wandering in the shadows
Trying to find smething full of meaning
More than anything, all that's missing
Is only a moment in the silence
No worries, nothing to think about
I'm still tryin, that's what I do
And yet the same feeling

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