Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Subconcious Reality

A sudden chill
A feeling that someone might push
Far less scary then the feeling to jump over
I stood on the edge of the precipice
Wondering, what's beyond
Next thing I could remember 
Was the sole influence of gravity.

I slowly open my eyes
Swimming through the oceans like the shadow of a kite
I could still feel the fright
Besides all the fun, one thing I forgot
Was this my last flight
And then I feel again, that sudden chill.

There was a way to make it all end
All I had to do was to hold myself together
But in the stillness of the night,
Couldn't make everything alright
And when I looked back
Everythin faded, Every thought turned black.

I wokeup with a sudden fright, wondering
Was it a dream or a frightful reality
That I couldn't believe with my eyes open
All I could capture was a glimse of the thought
Not able to put together the pieces
I wonder where I lost my tranquility.


  1. The first few paras gave me an image of bungee jumping, and reminded me of that quote u had put up on FB, sumthing related to the fear of falling rather than jumping! ( correct me if m confusing the words) there was so much of hope, a feeling of letting go, not fearing what shall happen....
    And as I read some more, the unconscious slowly and subtly made its presence felt, by letting me know that behind the sunny smiles does lurk fear and a feeling of 'lost tranquility'.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Keep writing:)

  2. was d subconscious n not unconscious.. n it had nothing to do with the sunny smiles...:p